with Foster & Kristos

April 30-May 11, 2019

Athena statue
Greece is a place of unsurpassed beauty, both natural and man-made. Only the glimmering monuments built by the ancient Greeks to honor their gods rival the splendor of the land and sea.

The Greeks of old felt that the gods would inhabit the temples they fashioned for them if they built the temples beautiful enough to be worthy of and hence attract the gods. That is why their temples are often so stunning in their grace and beauty.

Owl – symbol of Athena
Owl – symbol of Athena
On this tour, you not only admire the loveliness of Greece and its monuments, in addition you may experience the power and energy of the gods to whom these monuments were dedicated. Perhaps the gods are still there, but regardless, you can experience their divine power and heavenly qualities at these historic sites.

Athena, for example, to whom the famed Parthenon was dedicated, is the goddess of truth and of the female aspect of the warrior power to protect the truth. Continue your healing journey to experience more of ancient Greece’s spectacular sites and enjoy its modern-day charm!
Written by Toby Weiss, PhD Copyright 1999