Day 1/Thur., Sept. 19: Arrive in Athens and transfer to our hotel where we will spend the next three nights. Short gathering for a Welcome and Orientation meeting. (Mandatory)

The Parthenon – the temple on the Athenian Acropolis, dedicated to the goddess Athena

Day 2/Fri., Sept. 20: Seminar with Foster & Kristos.* This afternoon visit the Acropolis, a World Heritage Site and which in Greek means “The Sacred Rock, the high city”. The Acropolis of Athens and its monuments are universal symbols of the classical spirit and civilization and form the greatest architectural and artistic complex bequeathed by Greek Antiquity to the world. The Acropolis is primarily dedicated to the Goddess Athena, however, humans from the prehistoric era have populated the Acropolis and the caves around it. Situated in the middle of Athens, many myths, festivals and important events are connected to the sacred Acropolis echoing the grandeur and the power of the Athenian empire. (Breakfast included.)

Also experience the charm and ambience of The Plaka, the oldest section of Athens. In the shadow of the Acropolis, it is like a village within the city, bustling with cafes, shops, jewelry stores, museums, street musicians, photographers, flower sellers and archaeological sites.

Day 3/Sat., Sept. 21: Experience the incredible National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the largest archaeological museum in Greece and one of the most important museums in the world!   It contains antiquities of Greek civilization from the beginnings of Prehistory to Late Antiquity.   Meeting this evening.  (Breakfast included.)

Aegeus, king of Athens, consulting the Pythia, the oracle at Delphi

Day 4/Sun., Sept. 22: Today drive to Delphi, home of the ancient oracle and the most famous of Greece’s oracle sites. Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims traversing their way through the holy sites of this place of power, inspiration, purification and rejuvenation. Check into your hotel where we will spend the next two nights. Meeting today. (Breakfast and dinner included.)

Temple of Apollo

Day 5/Mon., Sept. 23Today is the Fall Equinox. Delphi is one of the most spectacular mystical sites in the world. At Delphi, a seeress was suspended from a metal tripod over psychoactive vapors arising through an opening from a dark cavern deep underground. Visitants sought from the seeress knowledge of the future while she was in a sobering delirium induced by the vapors.

The Sanctuary of Athena Pronea

Explore the large site known as the Temple of Apollo, God of the Sun.  Nearby experience the nourishing and healing energies still present at the Temple to Athena Pronea, dedicated to protecting women, especially during childbirth.   Nearby the powerful primal essence of the purifying springs of the Castellan will take your breath away. There will be time to experience the very special qualities at these sites.  Meeting today. (Breakfast and dinner included.)

Day 6/Tue., Sept. 24: Today we travel to the spectacular soaring mountains and forests near Kalambaka to experience the UNESCO site of Meteora. (Breakfast included.)


Day 7/Wed., Sept. 25: Serene, spiritual, magical, mystical, extraordinary, breathtaking, immense, inspiring, impressive – these are only some of the words people very often use in an effort to describe the power place of the mountains and forests here. Meteora means ‘suspended in the air’ and the famous monasteries were once a safe haven for monks fleeing from invaders during the fall of the Roman Empire. Where once there were 200 monasteries at Meteora, now only six monasteries still exist. (Breakfast included.)

The only way one could have reached up the cliff monastery in the past

Day 8/Thurs., Sept. 26: Today fly to Heraklion, Crete where you will spend the next four nights. Your resort hotel is on the shore of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea with the sacred mountains of Crete behind you. The deep spiritual energy of these special places can be felt throughout your extraordinary stay here. Your spectacular beachfront resort hotel is perfectly integrated in the natural environment and is conducive to relaxation, rejuvenation and contemplation. Meeting (Breakfast and dinner included.)

Horns of the bull at Knossos

Day 9/Fri., Sept. 27: Meeting this morning followed by a full day of siteseeing. Today travel to the two most important sites in Crete, Knossos and Phaestos, plus more. At Knossos experience the main ceremonial center and the palace of King Minos.

During your tour see examples of the advanced architecture, marvel at the ancients’ understanding of mathematics, and be inspired by examples of their sacred art that is totally unique in the world. View the original labyrinth, home of the famed Minotaur. Walk through the rooms and terraces that still whisper the magical tales of ancient Minoans. Be touched by their love of life and joy of living that is still palpable at this site. (Breakfast and dinner included.)

Dolphin Fresco, Knossos
Dolphin Fresco, Knossos

Day 10/Sat., Sept. 28: Today is the New Moon. Today we travel through the beautiful rugged ancient countryside to Mount Ida, Crete’s highest summit, sacred to the Goddess Rhea, to the legendary cave in which baby Zeus was concealed from his father Cronus, the god of Time. (Breakfast and dinner included.)

Magical Mt. Ida

Day 11/Sun., Sept. 29: Day free for shopping and relaxing.  Final later afternoon meeting. Tonight, enjoy a celebratory farewell dinner.   (Breakfast and dinner included.)

Day 12/Mon., Sept. 30: Check out this morning. Say good-bye to gorgeous Crete/Greece as you depart from Heraklion to Athens for your flight home.

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